About Me

Techie, gadget mad and generally geeky

I am obsessed with everything electronic and gadgety. I have been a big fan of Apple for more years than I care to remember and love everything new they bring out. From my Macbook Pro to my trusted iPhone the only thing I love more in the world is my iPad Air! Sorry long suffering wife but it’s true!

I bought my first Apple years ago and was hooked because of the intuitive nature of using it and nothing has changed. Doesn’t matter how new the gadget is, the Apple way is to make things as user friendly and obvious as possible. Even the new tablet I bought is a breeze to use even my two year old is hooked on the Cbeebies app I downloaded for him.

My day job allows me to feed my passion

I am blessed to have a job that feeds my passion for all things geeky and tech. I specialise in providing businesses with the latest technology and software to help them run and grow their businesses and so buying the latest gadget really is part of the day job. How lucky am I? I get to buy the likes of the latest smart phone and test it and call it a days work!

With so many new advances I am never short of new things to test or try out and this makes my work life a dream come true.

Enough of the day job

Now I have made you green with envy onto my perfect little life, my wife is ace she leaves me to get on with getting my face immersed in the newest tablet or notebook. My kids well they are good as gold too although not to good at going to bed when they should.
Aside from my nerdy ways I still enjoy meeting up with friends and going to watch Bath play rugby.

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