New job, I am doing fire risk assessment Cardiff area

I started a new job last week for a fire safety company doing fire risk assessment cardiff being the main area I cover. After considering what to do for ages I have retrained and got myself a job doing business to business work for a company that does fire safety and security work for all types of business.

I have wanted to get involved in a more trade type of work as I hated retail and everything about it however I have always enjoyed meeting new people and wanted this to be a part of my next career. The new role certainly ticks this box, I am doing around five appointments a day and that means meeting lots of new people and talking to many different types as well.

Importance of getting a fire risk assessment done

As well as the obvious benefit of knowing your business premises is as safe as possible and that you are doing everything you can to help try to prevent a fire occurring and also limiting the damage caused should the worst happen there are some other real benefits of having one done.

If you did ever get a visit from a fire officer or had a fire leading to the fire officer making an inspection they would expect certain things to be happening on a regular basis and proper safety measures already in place. If they are not then they have some powers you may not be aware of including in extreme cases stopping you from trading and shutting down the business whilst works are carried out.

As well as this most severe of punishments the fines for non-compliance are also huge with individual indiscretions having £5000 fines per offence. Should the absolute worse happen and someone is killed and you are proved to be non-compliant you could even be facing jail!

Cardiff is my main area for fire safety work and risk assessments

If you happen to be in the Cardiff area or surrounding area and need someone to look at fire safety issues for you business I would be delighted to hear from you. It is probably not high on your agenda however the penalties and risks really do warrant spending some time to get everything up to speed. You can even check out websites like the HSE for ideas and advice.

Many people like myself will offer you easy payment plans and give you the advice to ensure you are always compliant, at the same time saving you a lot of time and headache in the process. Companies like the one I work for have all the necessary skills and equipment to make your workplace a safer environment for you and you staff.

You might never have a fire, or get a visit from your local fire safety officer, but if you do then making sure you have all the correct paperwork and plans in an easily found format will prove very good for you. Having an up to date fire risk assessment on your business will be one of the many things put in place you you have nothing to worry about.

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