Just ordered engraved plaques for Christmas

Christmas is sorted with engraved plaques for mum

Mum’s present sorted, I ordered engraved plaques for her

My mum is a nightmare to buy for but she is always on about how lovely the engraved plaques are on our house when she visits. That gave me the idea for this years Christmas presents and it did not take long to find, design and order from a website I found. My wife had bought ours a few years ago now and every time she arrives or is leaving she comments on how nice they look still and so when she said it this time adding she should get one for her house we both said afterwards that this year was sorted.

It is a pleasure to actually know what to get her as most years we are clueless as to what to buy the woman with everything and so finally we are ahead of the game for her this year.

We started our search for engraved plaques online

After deciding to get her some we had forgotten where we got our as its years since we bought it and so went online to search for Mum’s. It did not take long to find a good website that specialised in them and this particular one was great as you could design your own and actually see how it would look as you went through the process which was ideal to get it looking right. You could pick size then the font the letters/numbers would be in what colour (even gold leaf) they were and the type of edge finish that you wanted for your engraved plaques. Once you had finished your design and got it looking as you wanted the ordering was dead simple just fill in your details and pay and all that was left was to wait a few weeks for the present to arrive.

We didn’t have to wait long for engraved plaques

In a matter of a few weeks the signs arrived and we are so happy with the way they have turned out.I am sure that Mum will be over the moon with her presents and we are happy that the stress of trying to ring the perfect present is over for another year, at least it is for my Mum now we just have to do the other Mum and we are done but unfortunately she already has a slate house sign so we can’t just order another one and have done with it. We still have a good while to organise the second of the Mum’s presents for Christmas. At least mine is sorted so we will just have to face the rush at some point soon to do the shops and try to find something suitable.

If you ever think about getting engraved plaques we can recommend the company that created ours as they were great to deal with and did a great job with our signs you can log on to them and order yours via http://shop.stonesign.com

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