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Project for parking control management application project

Working on parking control management app

I recently got a lead through my website for a parking control management application project that looked really meaty and technical. I have built quite a few app’s but this was going to challenging as they wanted to create an application for all platforms that was secure so clients could log into their own portal to check cameras and stats etc and also an overall management suite function for the parking control management company that engaged me to complete the project.

It had been a slow month so when I got the lead through it came in perfect time and as it is a complicated job the pay was good too. Planning and integration were key to this projects success and once the brief was taken it took nearly a week just to get my head around the current online infrastructure after many conversations with their web developers, big thanks to them they were awesome to work with so cheers Mike and James you are both legends and I would recommend you any day of the week!

Starting work on parking control management app

Work could start on all the app build and integration with the current website. The parking control management company that engaged me wanted a really nice gooey interface for clients that looked really corporate and professional, a backend that was easy to use and restricted to key personal and a generic element that all staff could access that could be updated in the field to provide an instant interface to report any issues and log with control anything that was deemed necessary.

All in all it was a mega project that was both complicated but also hard to get your head around. I broke things up into bite sized chunks so that parts could be to the parking control management company as we went along constantly getting feedback to ensure it was not work in vain. As I had taken an eternity to get the brief nailed it was fortunate that they loved everything and it was very minor tweaks as we went along that were all that was necessary. This was great as anything major is a massive pain and complicated and so the easier the ride now the better if I was going to hit a really tight deadline.

It all came together with the parking control management app

I am delighted to say it all came together as it should and ironically the bit that I was most nervous about delivering in the time given was one of the easier bits and the bit that is my favourite part of the whole app. I probably won’t get the chance to do another project quite like this and its been a real blast to push myself to the very edge of what I think is possible at the moment and the parking control management company are over the moon so much so I have picked up another two jobs via referrals from the directors already.

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