I turned to my iPad to ring vehicle wrapping service

Vehicle wrapping in carbon fibre effect

Finding a vehicle wrapping specialist

I spend a lot of time and effort on my car and I also spend a wedge too, I recently went looking for vehicle wrapping specialist to create a carbon effect bonnet. The car is my pride and joy and I am always going to shows and events to show it off so when I saw this carbon effect on a bonnet of a car I knew I had to get it done to mine.

Finding vehicle wrapping companies using my iPad was easy but ideally I wanted to go local so I could meet them before I let then loose on a car I have sunk thousands into. There were quite a few local companies that did vehicle wrapping so I went online first to narrow down my search and get a shortlist of three who I was going to see to chat through the project with.

Vehicle wrapping shortlist

Once I had completed my vehicle wrapping specialist shortlist I made contact to go and meet up for a chat about my car and pick the one I was going to go with. I made a few calls and set up meeting with each of them and planned the day. The first company that I met with was a waste of time they basically ended up saying that they outsourced the work to another company which is something I definitely wanted to avoid. The second company were brilliant and we got on really well they agreed not only to let me pop in whilst the job was being done if I wanted but also provide me with a wet proof (basically print a bit out so I could see the effect. The least company I ended up cancelling the meeting so as not to waste their time as I had already picked the vehicle wrapping company I was going to work with.

Vehicle wrapping ideas

As well as a professional service the ideas that came from the vehicle wrapping company I chose to work with were really good too. I had decided to wrap the bonnet of my car in a carbon fibre effect to add a sporty and a textured look to the car but the guys showed me some of the work they had done at big car shows and events to other peoples cars and explained adding other areas looked really cool to the roof and side mirrors were both suggested to bring the whole job together and when I saw a car done like this I decided to go for it.

As the company were doing the job in house I could negotiate the price with them and as I am a member of a big car club I offered to spread the word on the website that I help run on behalf of the club. This scored me a discount and as they did the job and didn’t out source it the price ended up similar to the first quote I got anyway.

When they had finished vehicle wrapping my car I was over the moon and if you want to see it go and see it at http://www.printsauce.co.uk

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