Using your iPad to find second hand wood burning stoves

Second hand wood burning stoves for sale

If you are a tablet addict like me you will do lots of your online work on it and I recently used it in my search for second hand wood burning stoves. I have everything Apple and my iPad is my pride and joy along with my lovely Wanders woodburner. I was on eBay when I got the idea to start looking for a woodburner it was freezing outside and I had the heating on but was still cold and started looking at electric heaters and then onto fires. I stumbled on some second hand wood burning stoves for sale and started to think that would be a pretty cool idea for my living room. I didn’t really know anything about woodburners so thought it best to do a bit of research.

I did quite a bit of looking on my iPad and researched the brands and the pros and cons of each looking at customer reviews of the products as well. Customer reviews were particularly helpful as I really trusted these, after all these were fellow customers and were using the products and this was invaluable especially for a couple I was interested in but had terrible feedback on these review sites.

I found some second hand wood burning stoves for sale

I have done my homework and had two brands in mind for the woodburner I was going to look for. I had used on online calculator to check the size of stove I would need and found that an 8kw stove would be best for me as it had to heat a double room. I started my search local but soon realised this would not be that easy so I went back to eBay to look. It took a few weeks of checking back and failed bids but eventually I found a Jydepejsen free standing stove that looked in great condition. I picked this one as I didn’t have a chimney breast and so thought this modern free standing look would be the best I also loved the fact that it was quite a tall stove and felt it would give real presence in the room. When it arrived my thoughts were right and it really does look terrific. Installing was a bit of a nightmare and fuss and took just over a day with snags but the end result is outstanding and I am so happy I stumbled upon this idea whilst looking for something else.

Will you look at second hand wood burning stoves for sale

If you have been inspired to look at woodburners after reading this then please make sure you do you research before you buy there are loads on the market and getting the right advise for fitting is also very important. My fitter was great and helped before I bought the stove and as it cost a lot to install I was glad of this advise as I would have struggled to get the burner in and fitted on budget if I had not sought this advise first.

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