My old business may have a swaps claim

I had swaps mis selling claim against the bank

Financial advisor highlighted potential swaps claim

I was recently at a meeting with my long term financial advisor and we were going through some old paperwork for a mobile phone shop I had in 2008 and that I took out a loan which included a swaps element. I remember at the time not having a clue what it was all about and despite asking I didm’t get an answer that I understood. Everything was going so well back then and so fast that I just didn’t feel I had the time to look at all the details.

My advisor has been looking at the paperwork and knew a law firm that had won a case for a client of his and when he mentioned they were interested in seeing all of his clients with a swaps element to the loan they took out he said it would be worth me doing. I agreed for him to send over all the paperwork two weeks ago and have since had the phone call!

They are convinced swaps were mis-sold in my case

I got a phone call last week from the law firm that were looking at my case and they have confirmed that they believe I not only have a strong case but often these cases are just not going to court. I am still confused by it all but it seems the bank have been mis-selling these swaps elements to SME’s for years and that like in the case of PPI the banks have already set aside a very large sum of money to pay back the sums they should to local businesses.

It does make my blood boil to think they have been doing this and getting away with it for years and only now is this coming into the public’s eye. I really can’t see how they get away with such bad business practices and whilst in my case I can’t prove long term damage to the business I am due a wedge back in fees etc.

If you think you have a swaps claim shop around

Before you run off to your local solicitor beware these claims are extremely complicated and not many law firms are set up to fight these claims. Of the ones that are some are charging large fees to even look to see if you may have a case and these fees can run into thousands. Is it still worth looking at? Well my lawyer showed me some of the publicised cases and many are settling for over a hundred thousand pounds and best of all my solicitor does this on a no win no fee and so the only up front cost was a bit of insurance to take on the claim.

I have a court date set but they are confident it will not go that far and if it does they are super confident that I will win. Wish me luck with my swaps claim and if you think you have one let me know and I will forward your details to my guys.

Just ordered engraved plaques for Christmas

Christmas is sorted with engraved plaques for mum

Mum’s present sorted, I ordered engraved plaques for her

My mum is a nightmare to buy for but she is always on about how lovely the engraved plaques are on our house when she visits. That gave me the idea for this years Christmas presents and it did not take long to find, design and order from a website I found. My wife had bought ours a few years ago now and every time she arrives or is leaving she comments on how nice they look still and so when she said it this time adding she should get one for her house we both said afterwards that this year was sorted.

It is a pleasure to actually know what to get her as most years we are clueless as to what to buy the woman with everything and so finally we are ahead of the game for her this year.

We started our search for engraved plaques online

After deciding to get her some we had forgotten where we got our as its years since we bought it and so went online to search for Mum’s. It did not take long to find a good website that specialised in them and this particular one was great as you could design your own and actually see how it would look as you went through the process which was ideal to get it looking right. You could pick size then the font the letters/numbers would be in what colour (even gold leaf) they were and the type of edge finish that you wanted for your engraved plaques. Once you had finished your design and got it looking as you wanted the ordering was dead simple just fill in your details and pay and all that was left was to wait a few weeks for the present to arrive.

We didn’t have to wait long for engraved plaques

In a matter of a few weeks the signs arrived and we are so happy with the way they have turned out.I am sure that Mum will be over the moon with her presents and we are happy that the stress of trying to ring the perfect present is over for another year, at least it is for my Mum now we just have to do the other Mum and we are done but unfortunately she already has a slate house sign so we can’t just order another one and have done with it. We still have a good while to organise the second of the Mum’s presents for Christmas. At least mine is sorted so we will just have to face the rush at some point soon to do the shops and try to find something suitable.

If you ever think about getting engraved plaques we can recommend the company that created ours as they were great to deal with and did a great job with our signs you can log on to them and order yours via

I like roulette and so look for Free bet no deposit casino deals

getting no deposit free bet

Playing the tables using Free bet no deposit casino offers

I love casino games especially roulette and so am often looking for and signing up for Free bet no deposit casino deals when I find them. A quick search is all it ever takes to find an offer and luckily for me the casino deals are some of the most generous on the internet when it comes to gambling.

When you do find an offer you want to take up then its really easy to take it up and get your welcome bonus added. Click on the link for the offer you want to take up and this will take you to a sign up screen to join the particular provider. Fill in the details they ask you for and once this is done the new account will be ready for you to start using and the free bet no deposit casino bonus will automatically be added to it.

You found your Free bet no deposit casino deal now what

Now you have taken up your offer of choice it time for the fun to begin and you can now hit the tables. My favourite game is roulette if you are not familiar with it basically you have a spinning wheel with numbered compartments all around the outside. Each number is also either red or black in colour.

The wheel is spun and a small white ball throw into the spinning wheel it bobbles around until the wheel slows and it settles in one of compartments. The winners are the ones that have bet on that number or a range of numbers or options like red or black that equate to that number. The amount you win depends on the difficulty of the bet so if you have bet red or black the winnings are less than number 23.

One of the best things about using free bet no deposit casino deals to bet on games like roulette is that as there is no risk to you financially you can take on harder bets like a single number with a lot more confidence as you know you won’t be losing any of your own money. Once you have used up your welcome bonus you just have to find another one and away you go again.

Its not only roulette for free bet no deposit casino offers

Its not just roulette you can use your free bets on there are loads of other games you can use your bonus bets on. From poker tournaments to slots machines the range online is huge and the variety of different types or game is amazing as well. There are many new offers and websites launching all the time and so finding new offers for you to take up is never a problem.

Its not only free bet no deposit casino offers either there are deals on all manner of different things you can get offers on and so no matter what you like to have a flutter on there will be a deal for you.

Exciting parking control management app

Project for parking control management application project

Working on parking control management app

I recently got a lead through my website for a parking control management application project that looked really meaty and technical. I have built quite a few app’s but this was going to challenging as they wanted to create an application for all platforms that was secure so clients could log into their own portal to check cameras and stats etc and also an overall management suite function for the parking control management company that engaged me to complete the project.

It had been a slow month so when I got the lead through it came in perfect time and as it is a complicated job the pay was good too. Planning and integration were key to this projects success and once the brief was taken it took nearly a week just to get my head around the current online infrastructure after many conversations with their web developers, big thanks to them they were awesome to work with so cheers Mike and James you are both legends and I would recommend you any day of the week!

Starting work on parking control management app

Work could start on all the app build and integration with the current website. The parking control management company that engaged me wanted a really nice gooey interface for clients that looked really corporate and professional, a backend that was easy to use and restricted to key personal and a generic element that all staff could access that could be updated in the field to provide an instant interface to report any issues and log with control anything that was deemed necessary.

All in all it was a mega project that was both complicated but also hard to get your head around. I broke things up into bite sized chunks so that parts could be to the parking control management company as we went along constantly getting feedback to ensure it was not work in vain. As I had taken an eternity to get the brief nailed it was fortunate that they loved everything and it was very minor tweaks as we went along that were all that was necessary. This was great as anything major is a massive pain and complicated and so the easier the ride now the better if I was going to hit a really tight deadline.

It all came together with the parking control management app

I am delighted to say it all came together as it should and ironically the bit that I was most nervous about delivering in the time given was one of the easier bits and the bit that is my favourite part of the whole app. I probably won’t get the chance to do another project quite like this and its been a real blast to push myself to the very edge of what I think is possible at the moment and the parking control management company are over the moon so much so I have picked up another two jobs via referrals from the directors already.

I turned to my iPad to ring vehicle wrapping service

Vehicle wrapping in carbon fibre effect

Finding a vehicle wrapping specialist

I spend a lot of time and effort on my car and I also spend a wedge too, I recently went looking for vehicle wrapping specialist to create a carbon effect bonnet. The car is my pride and joy and I am always going to shows and events to show it off so when I saw this carbon effect on a bonnet of a car I knew I had to get it done to mine.

Finding vehicle wrapping companies using my iPad was easy but ideally I wanted to go local so I could meet them before I let then loose on a car I have sunk thousands into. There were quite a few local companies that did vehicle wrapping so I went online first to narrow down my search and get a shortlist of three who I was going to see to chat through the project with.

Vehicle wrapping shortlist

Once I had completed my vehicle wrapping specialist shortlist I made contact to go and meet up for a chat about my car and pick the one I was going to go with. I made a few calls and set up meeting with each of them and planned the day. The first company that I met with was a waste of time they basically ended up saying that they outsourced the work to another company which is something I definitely wanted to avoid. The second company were brilliant and we got on really well they agreed not only to let me pop in whilst the job was being done if I wanted but also provide me with a wet proof (basically print a bit out so I could see the effect. The least company I ended up cancelling the meeting so as not to waste their time as I had already picked the vehicle wrapping company I was going to work with.

Vehicle wrapping ideas

As well as a professional service the ideas that came from the vehicle wrapping company I chose to work with were really good too. I had decided to wrap the bonnet of my car in a carbon fibre effect to add a sporty and a textured look to the car but the guys showed me some of the work they had done at big car shows and events to other peoples cars and explained adding other areas looked really cool to the roof and side mirrors were both suggested to bring the whole job together and when I saw a car done like this I decided to go for it.

As the company were doing the job in house I could negotiate the price with them and as I am a member of a big car club I offered to spread the word on the website that I help run on behalf of the club. This scored me a discount and as they did the job and didn’t out source it the price ended up similar to the first quote I got anyway.

When they had finished vehicle wrapping my car I was over the moon and if you want to see it go and see it at

Using your iPad to find second hand wood burning stoves

Second hand wood burning stoves for sale

If you are a tablet addict like me you will do lots of your online work on it and I recently used it in my search for second hand wood burning stoves. I have everything Apple and my iPad is my pride and joy along with my lovely Wanders woodburner. I was on eBay when I got the idea to start looking for a woodburner it was freezing outside and I had the heating on but was still cold and started looking at electric heaters and then onto fires. I stumbled on some second hand wood burning stoves for sale and started to think that would be a pretty cool idea for my living room. I didn’t really know anything about woodburners so thought it best to do a bit of research.

I did quite a bit of looking on my iPad and researched the brands and the pros and cons of each looking at customer reviews of the products as well. Customer reviews were particularly helpful as I really trusted these, after all these were fellow customers and were using the products and this was invaluable especially for a couple I was interested in but had terrible feedback on these review sites.

I found some second hand wood burning stoves for sale

I have done my homework and had two brands in mind for the woodburner I was going to look for. I had used on online calculator to check the size of stove I would need and found that an 8kw stove would be best for me as it had to heat a double room. I started my search local but soon realised this would not be that easy so I went back to eBay to look. It took a few weeks of checking back and failed bids but eventually I found a Jydepejsen free standing stove that looked in great condition. I picked this one as I didn’t have a chimney breast and so thought this modern free standing look would be the best I also loved the fact that it was quite a tall stove and felt it would give real presence in the room. When it arrived my thoughts were right and it really does look terrific. Installing was a bit of a nightmare and fuss and took just over a day with snags but the end result is outstanding and I am so happy I stumbled upon this idea whilst looking for something else.

Will you look at second hand wood burning stoves for sale

If you have been inspired to look at woodburners after reading this then please make sure you do you research before you buy there are loads on the market and getting the right advise for fitting is also very important. My fitter was great and helped before I bought the stove and as it cost a lot to install I was glad of this advise as I would have struggled to get the burner in and fitted on budget if I had not sought this advise first.

Using a tablet for getting and using free bet no deposit

Wanders black pearl
Using your iPad for free bet no deposit offers

The new way to use free bet no deposit offers

The modern smartphone and the invention of the iPad and other tablets has meant finding and using free bet no deposit offers is easier than ever. A quick search on either will throw up a host of different providers all offering you different deals so no matter where you are and what you are doing you can still log on to have a bet.

iPads and similar tablets often have a 3G connection or are able to connect to Wi-Fi and so whilst you out and about it is very easy to gain access to these websites and have a bet or play a game. The smartphone revolution has also made using free bet no deposit deals really mainstream and easy. Free bet no deposit offers are often advertised at football matches and other sporting venues so the casual punter can instantly gain access to these offers and place free bet no deposit bets on the outcome of a match you are watching.

How to get free bet no deposit deals on your iPad

Providing your iPad or similar is connected to the internet in some way the method for finding and accessing your free bet no deposit offer is the same as on your PC. You will need to fill in some details and once this is done you will have a new account that will have the free bet no deposit welcome bonus already added and ready for you to use.

The slightly larger screen size of an iPad over a smartphone is great especially when playing games like Roulette etc. The experience I think is better and using the tablet over you PC makes accessibility easier as you don’t have the hassle of logging in and waiting for everything to wake up and load up.

With all of these access routes no matter where you are you will always find free bet no deposit offers and be able to use them on the go. Once you have an account with a provider though it is worth noting that you won’t be able to get another offer although some will give you a daily free bet no deposit bonus for coming back or as part of the original offer.

Top tips for free bet no deposit offers on your iPad

1. Take you iPad or smartphone with you, you never know when you may see a free bet no deposit offer you think would be good for you.

2. Make sure you have a solid internet connection it is very frustrating when you have spent time filling in details only for the connection to wipe you out.

3. Pre-download app’s before you go to a game as this will save time and effort when connection maybe slower like in a crowded stadium.

4. Save free bet no deposit offers of interest using bookmarks after all you can’t possible use them all at once. This will save time trying to find the websites you like later.

5. Always look around there are loads of free bet no deposit deals out there so don’t jump straight in.

6. Try before you buy! Some websites will offer free games that do not require you to use any of your free bet no deposit bonuses. These are great for practicing before you risk your own cash.

7. Have fun and don’t take it too seriously!